Georgia Forestry Today 
Volume 8 | Issue 6
November, 2012 

The Evergreen Award is presented to an organization that has contributed significantly to the forestry community in ways that are supportive of the Georgia Forestry Association's own mission. 

This year's recipient, the Georgia Forestry Commission, proves its value to the state's forests, forest landowners, and forest-based businesses and is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding forestry agencies in the nation. 



Georgia Forestry Today

Volume 7 | Issue 6

November, 2011

There is no doubt that the age of sustainable forestry and improved forestry practices have made wood Georgia's super-crop. However, it is interesting to think that most Georgia residents have no idea how much impact forestry has on the state's economy, much less the money it could be saving them in tax dollars. 

According to the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC), in 2010 Georgia had approximately 24.4 million acres of timberland which is the second highest in the nation next to Oregon. The forest industry in Georgia also produced $16.9 billion in total revenue and provided 48,519 total jobs. Furthermore, in 2009, the total economic impact of the forest industry in Georgia was approximately 27.2 billion. 



Georgia Forestry Today
Volume 7 | Issue 5 
September, 2011

It may be an unusual business in a surprising location, however, Jae Lee, native South Korean, founder and CEO of Georgia Chopsticks, LLC thinks that Americus, Georgia, just happens to be the perfect place for his business. 

With the demand for wood products in Asia at an all time high and a lack of wood supply, Lee determined that there is a new market for chopstick manufacturing in the U.S. Most chopstick manufacturers in China use wood from the Poplar tree to supply the need for approximately 63 billion chopsticks a day. In order to help meet this demand, Lee decided that it is more economical to make unfinished chopsticks that are then shipped to China and sold wholesale to companies that finish and package the product in order to sell it to stores and restaurants. 



The Stallion 
Volume 46, Edition 06
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 

Drawing support from local sponsors and donations, the ABAC Alumni Association, along with the Student Government Associaiton and several other clubs and organizations, is currently working to revive the rodeo tradition on campus. 

the Alumni Association is currently gathering sponsors and donations that will provide ample funding for the rodeo and its expenses. 


ABAC develops bigger partnership with Case IH

The Stallion
Volume 46, Edition 01
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Developed relationship between Case IH and ABAC provides a unique way for students to learn new farming techniques and technologies. 

Through hard work and dedication from faculty and staff such as Tim Marshall, Scott Bullington and John Franklin along with the help of Ag Power and Equipment owner Larry Wheeler and Southeastern Sales Director Brian Weaver, ABAC has entered a truely beneficial relationship with the Case IH Corporation. 


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